Can you beat insurance drug test

beat insurance drug test

7 day body cleanse

Are you also bored of those calls from different life insurance customer care agencies? They are ready to kill you tomorrow and help your family still have a happy life. You know what – there’s a way to get rid of these calls all-together. Attend a call and then apply for a life insurance. Then when you go for the drug test, make sure you flunk it and then life will be very peaceful– you won’t get any calls from any life insurance company. Then the very next day, I drink and drive and I accidentally run over you. I have auto insurance and I get my car repaired. You die and I escape by paying your family some nominal fee for running over you. My premium rates go up but I still don’t go to jail. And you are dead with your family left behind who then struggle through life because there was never a sustainable solution you left for them. I am not trying to underline how important a life insurance is but I am trying to point out that maybe at some point of time you do need a life insurance and a failed drug test will completely ruin your chances of getting one which in return will ruin your life, your future, your family’s future.

It takes time to master this art- beat insurance drug test:

Even if you have aced drug tests before, you are yet to beat insurance drug test. Trust me,the insurance drug test is done under strict supervision. It is highly unlikely that you will escape by taking your friend’s urine and it will be foolish of you to think of substitution as an easy solution. Synthetic urine will definitely help because they come in easily concealable bottles. But still if you think you haven’t hid many things under your sleeve, try out the other options. You want to be completely clean – you don’t want to mask your urine sample which can lead to easy detection. Don’t try OTC chemicals ever in an insurance drug test. To beat insurance drug test, even niacin which can work for you in many other normal cases will not help because it will be detected. Cranberry alone won’t be able to turn the tale upside down for you. Neither will water alone nor thinking of diluting your urine help.

When you apply for your life insurance, you know how much time you have in your hands. So plan accordingly. Try out the 7 day body cleanse and keep away from drugs for these 7 days. This will ensure you guarantee to beat insurance drug test. Otherwise 24 hour detox drinks are always available and these can be quick effective solutions. To have your life insured, you now know what you need to do – attend a call and beat insurance drug test.

Beat Marijuana Tests

Marijuana is derived from the plant called Cannabis sativa. The active chemical present in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. It is one of the most commonly consumed drugs in the world. Marijuana is usually smoked as a cigarette or in a pipe. Marijuana stays in body for longer period of time i.e. for days or even weeks after the last time it was consumed. It is very popular among the people today. The speed at which marijuana leaves the body depends both on the speed of the metabolism, as well as on the half life of THC. Obtaining negative result in Marijuana drug test is the cause of concern for people consuming marijuana.

Marijuana drug test can be done on the urine, blood and hair samples. Marijuana drug test most commonly done by taking urine samples, marijuana could be easily detected in a urine test up to a month after the last time it was consumed. It detects THC-COOH, which can stay in the body for long time with no impairing effects. Blood tests better detect the use of marijuana drug, since they give the actual presence of THC in the body. As they are difficult to be done easily, blood tests are not very popular. Marijuana drug test is often done by taking hair samples as THC is present in the hair follicles for longer period of time.

Beating the Marijuana drug test is one of the hardest things to do. There are various ways through which one can beat the Marijuana drug test; some of the methods are discussed here:

* Abstinence: It is useful for those who have consumed marijuana in less quantity. Consumption of abstinence for few days will result in failure of Marijuana drug test. For those consuming more often, the length of abstinence increases.

* Excessive drinking of water: Marijuana metabolite levels decreases as the large amount of water is consumed which results in failure of the test.

* Use of chemicals: Chemicals such as bleach, vinegar, lemon juice, acids and table salt causes false negative test results.

* Detox Kits: It contains a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbal cleansers that produce successful results i.e. it results in failure of test. Herbal components help the body in flushing metabolites (THC) from the urine without drinking large amount of water. Dietary fiber and some herbs absorb marijuana metabolites and eliminate it from the body. Marijuana metabolites (THC) are usually stored in fat cells which are burned by the use of glycerol and carbohydrates. Vitamin B colors urine bright yellow so that it doesn’t look like water. The detox kits also contain Creatine monohydrate that will disintegrate into Creatinine inside the body.

These are some of the common methods which will help in getting the false Marijuana drug test.

How did I beat my hair follicle test?

beat my hair follicle test

Home hair test

Did you know that drugs take maximum time to leave hair strands? If you didn’t know then you fall in the category of my childhood friend. It might just be that he is a little lazier and more careless than you are. After all who takes synthetic urine for a hair follicle test? The only thing he was aware of was that he had to appear for a drug test. He didn’t try to know what kind of a drug test he was going to go through. He searched over google and came out with his solution of taking synthetic urine for his drug test. His choice was wise had it been a urinalysis test. But then it wasn’t. It was a hair follicle test. When I heard of this, I couldn’t stop laughing but sadly it created serious problems for him. Though he had not smoked for around 5 days before his test, yet the hair follicle test could detect a trace of drug. That was the day I thought it was time to realize the important facts about drug tests.

Now how did I beat my hair follicle test?

You know the funny part doesn’t end at my friend’s carelessness. It happened that the organization after having fired him, advertised for the same position which was now vacant. On a deeper thought, I being jobless, decided to try for it. I got the position and now I knew what awaited me in one week’s time. But I tried to make sure what test were they conducting. It was going to be the same hair follicle test which my friend had failed. Sometimes you learn from your own mistakes but sometimes it is more beneficial to learn from your friend’s mistakes. I did beat my hair follicle test. I stopped smoking the very week I got the job till the day of my hair follicle test. This was to keep any additional traces away from my hair strands. But then I had found out that cannabis has the potentiality to stay in someone’s hair for around 90 days. Plus I had even gone drinking post my job offer. Alcohol also stays for 2-4 days in the hair strands. So how did I beat my hair follicle test? I bought for me a home hair test online. Different colored hair need to be treated differently. For those with dark colored hair, they need a stronger detox shampoo to serve their purpose. And yes, I came out clean after having used the detox shampoo.

How to Beat piss test?

beat piss test

It sounds a little weird but can I say that again – yesterday I went through my first piss test and I did beat it. It has even become my status update right now though the status update doesn’t highlight the intricacies of how I did pass the piss test. People might use technical jargon like urinalysis or urine test but I would like to be free frank on this so that for people who don’t know about it can just search over my page on any search engine. Why share a story when you want it to be full of technicalities common people don’t understand. I have come across blogs that share stories of awesome parties and then talk about jobs, career and important things in life. I too have a job and I am not casual about it. But the point is if you want to have stories of that sort where you want to give a moral message, why did you at first take to smoking? I smoke because I know am addicted. I have a job to pay for my bills and my food and my rent. I know things will go for a toss if I risk it. But I will come straight to the point without enlightening upon my story because there’s no moral I want to emphasize upon.

Here’s how!

To beat piss test, you will have to spend wisely and yes,everything you would need to buy is affordable. To beat piss test, you will need to keep away from drugs at-least a day prior to your test. You can’t be such an addict who can’t leave smoking for even a day. If that is the case, then it’s better if the drug test fails you because it will never be possible for you to be prepared to come to an office every day and work for your 8 long hours. The only advice then would be that you need to admit yourself in a rehabilitation center. To beat piss test, you will have to drink loads of water. How much can you drink in one day? You need to drink at least ten times more than what you drink usually. The more you piss, the more you will remove the drug traces from your body. Do you love cranberry juice? Then go fetch it – and drink loads of it too. Want to feel 100 % sure that you can beat piss test: You should buy yourself a 24 hour detox drink. If you are lazy to do all of it, just don’t be foolish to carry your friend’s pee. Carry synthetic urine and a heating pad during your piss test. To beat piss test, you shouldn’t just read this but follow whatever it says.

How to beat a piss test

You might have been in this situation once or twice in your career, having to undergo a piss test. Now, we will all agree that; the tricky part about it is not just undergoing the test, but how to beat a piss tests. You do not have to be a chronic or continuous drug user to worry of this test as both continuous and part timers have been netted by piss drug tests. So, how do you best ensure that you stand safe even before undergoing the piss test? There are several methods to beating this test and we shall seek to explore five of them here.

The first almost cost-free and simple method in how to beat a piss test is high water intake. As the piss test is meant to establish specific compounds in the piss, the presence and the concentration of these compounds is what the piss test seeks to establish. Drinking water brings down this concentration by simple chemistry, diluting the urine. But then for the good lab technicians, due to high water consumption in how to beat a piss test, they will smell a rat in the uncommon clear piss.

It is therefore important to use a product that would improve the piss to standard levels. Most of the compounds and liquids taken to counter the presence of a drug in piss result to a watered down piss, which in itself is suspicious enough and may lead to other confirmatory tests being taken to clear the suspicion, like hair test which you might get you in to the drug net by the results turning positive.

The other way on how to beat a piss test is through the use of detox products. One of them is the 1-hour fast flush caps. This drug is available from stores near you as well as online shops and some, over overnight free shipping. 1-hour fast flush caps come in handy especially if you are to undertake a drug test that no notice was issued.

The 1-hour fast flush caps have several benefits. The first one is that it is consumed within a short period of time. Compared with other products that are used in how to beat a piss test, this product can be used within only fifteen minutes. The fact that it comes in the form of capsules, eighteen of them, makes it more usable as it can be moved with ease and without raising any suspicions.

Lastly, the best method in how to beat a piss test is timing. Timing is also applicable with the 1-hour fast flush caps as, even as the name suggests, it can work within just one hour after consumption. All the drugs that have lead to the development of the piss test have a period within which their prominence in piss is high. It is important to establish the period within which a drug residues remain in ones piss before going for the piss test. Timing in this case is the best option as it has advocates for submission of piss that is considerably clean. Clean in this case is piss sample that would contain the least or no drug traces.

Can you beat that drug test?

beat that drug test

7 day body cleanse and synthetic urine

In this rat race, one mistake can ruin everything you set up after long toil. Most mistakes whether small or big offer chances of recovery and you get a chance to learn from your mistake. But there are some situations which give you no scope of making a mistake. The only difference between a PASS and a FAIL is a mistake. I am talking about the mistake people make of taking drug tests lightly. You need to beat that drug test or else you are doomed for your life. If you fail in a drug test, this will reflect in your career, your life all throughout your life. You will carry a burden on your shoulders every now and then and every organization that you work for next will put you under the scanner. They will keep a track on you to make sure you have been clean. Your life too will see a lot of repercussions. There’s a general analogy that links drugs with gangsters. But are you a gangster? You aren’t. You are just another normal human being who took to drugs by choice or by mistake. Now you can’t reverse your fate. If you have a drug test coming up, you can’t just put the brakes and tell yourself that you will be not appear for the drug test and quit your job so that nobody finds a thing about it. The hard truth is you will have to face it under all circumstances. You can definitely beat that drug test.

You will need to have answers to every possible trace they can detect – by answers I mean to say negative results on whatever test the authorities like to do. You need to ask yourself some questions to find these answers:

1 Do you want me to do a urinalysis test – The answer should be “Yes I am ready to beat that drug test” because you know what it takes to ace this test. From a 24 hour detox drink to drinking lots of water, from the 7 day body cleanse to synthetic urine with a heating pad, you should be well informed of how this urinalysis test can be passed without a problem.

2 Do you want me to do an oral fluid test – The same answer follows. But you need to know that drugs don’t have a long time span in the saliva. But it is safe to always keep with yourself a detox mouthwash or a kit to test your saliva for drugs yourself.

3 Do you want to do a hair follicle test – You know the answer by now. You need to have the right shampoo according to what your hair color demands. Keep some time in hand to be sure.

Now after having answers to all the above 3, the last question would always be: Can you beat that drug test? You are the best who can answer this now. Thanks.

Beat the drug test with Supreme Klean Total Body Cleanser

To beat the drug test naturally and homemade is a very good idea. These methods are easy, convenient and inexpensive to use. Here are some of them:

* Stop using drugs – A very simple advice since the only thing you need to do is to stop your drug abuse. Unfortunately it is easier said than done since most people do not have patience and discipline for any effort that requires a change of lifestyle.

* Managing your time – The timing of drug test varies depending on a person or companies timetable. This also gives you time to beat the drug test on your terms. Better hope that any upcoming drug test does not come too early or suddenly.

* Drink water – Water is a good catalyst for flushing out any toxins in the body. An increase in the water intake will even more effectively flush out the toxins. Water can be very useful in a saliva drug test for the sole purpose of cleaning the mouth. Combined with constant urination, the toxins are flushed out ever faster.

* Taking diuretics – A good combination with water drinking since the purpose of diuretics is to haste urination. A very good beat the drug test method. Use natural diuretics like celery, cranberries, parsley, asparagus, artichokes or caffeine since natural diuretics are more effective.

* Do some exercise – Since most end up being absorbed by the body fat cells they tend to show up in a drug test. Normally said toxins will be burned up by the day-to-day activities, but they tend to be slow. On the other hand exercise will burn them up all very quickly since the body is basically forced into doing strenuous activity.

There is a non-natural way for anyone who wants to beat the drug test. It involves detox agents and particular detox agent that is highly popular which is the Supreme Klean Total Body Cleanser. The Supreme Klean Total Body Cleanser is made from the best ingredients that guarantee a user that any toxins in their body will be purged. In addition, it has herbal cleansing tea and diet menu program to increase the effectiveness of Supreme Klean Total Body Cleanser. It comes in several packages that are divided on how many days a user wants to conduct a body cleansing such as 5 day cleanse kit to 30 day cleanse kit for light, heavy or chronic users.

Are you a smoker? Beat the drug

Beat the drug

There is a general misconception that smokers and dopers are the rebels of the society and that we don’t care about having a social status. It is not an uncommon feeling but many conceal their smoking habit just to continue to be a part of a society which accepts them for who they aren’t. I was too scared of letting this out in front of my girlfriend because I always maintained a positive perception about me in front of her. She was not into any kind of drugs and it was difficult confessing this to her. But something did happen which made it impossible to keep the fact that I smoke a secret. I had an upcoming drug test in my office and I wanted to let it out because I was really scared that I would lose my job. I wanted to inform her beforehand that I might lose my job and give her an idea of why it would happen if it happens. I also wanted to share some of my burden that was troubling me for a long time. I finally told her the truth. And strangely she accepted it without showing her anger on me for lying to her for so long. She simply took a promise out of me that I would quit smoking in the long run and asked me to keep cool and assured me that I wouldn’t lose my job. I never knew that my girlfriend’s elder brother was also into drugs initially and that he had passed a drug test during those days when his smoking habit was at its peak without any complications. That confession changed my life.

A virtual world of products meant for us – Beat the drug

I was introduced to Beat the drug by my girlfriend and as I said, if there’s no society to think of smokers and dopers, then Beat the drug is another virtual society made for people like us who feel scared to discuss about drug abuse. There were so many products available to ace the drug testat affordable prices. There were products for every specific test. For an introvert like me, it’s otherwise so difficult to find out from friends or relatives what drug tests are about or what can be tested for. I was someone who wanted to keep his drug life private but after going through Beat the drug I knew that you don’t have to be ashamed for picking up a habit and if you feel it’s harmful, you can quit always. Beat the drug helped me reveal myself in front of a virtual machine and understand how the drug screening process goes about. I finally bought the total body detox kit – call me a little insecured but I wanted to be absolutely clean. Yes I aced the drug test with Beat the drug

Beat the urinalysis test

beat the urinalysis test

Pure unisex synthetic urine kit

I know it has taken you enough time before you came across this page. There’s so much of useless information on how to beat the urinalysis test on the net that you can’t be sure which one to trust. So this article is an attempt to compile all the useful information which helped me pass my drug test. Beating the urinalysis test needs you to know what can be detected that might fail you in the drug test. Here’s my list of do’s and don’ts to beat the urinalysis test:

1 Don’t use OTC chemicals: On a random site, I had read that people try to use OTC chemicals to avoid being caught. OTC chemicals help you to make the toxins undetectable but the sad part is these chemicals might be detected in a urinalysis test which will in fact indicate that you have tried unfair means to pass the test. This will lead to your disqualification.

2 Don’t try tricks of your own: I have come across many examples where people have failed after using their own tricks. Don’t take the chance. You can think of substituting the sample with a trusted friend’s sample but things can go wrong because the temperature will be different. Also if you think you can dilute the sample, think twice. Drug testing laboratories will test for the creatinine level of the sample and dilution will lower it to an extent which will indicate possible dilution. This too will lead to an immediate disqualification.

3 Try out the Pure unisex synthetic urine kit. Personally I tried this out and it worked. I used the synthetic urine with a heating pad which helped to maintain the temperature of the sample. Synthetic urine comes in bottles which can be easily concealed. But this depends. The drug test if done by government agencies can be very strict and you might be asked to urinate in front of an official which will hurt your case.

4 Enough time ahead: If you have enough time to spare before the test, say 14 days atleast or 7 days, you can try out the 7 day body cleanse.

5 No time to spare: If you have just 24 hours in hand, you should try out the Pure unisex synthetic urine kit. You can order it online.

6 Drink water: The most important thing to optimize the use of the products that I mentioned is to drink as much as you can so that you can urinate often and you can detoxify yourself in the process.

7 Try cranberry juice : Along with the water, you can gulp down some cranberry juice which will quicken your detoxification process

8 Don’t try niacin: Yes, Niacin might be effective but then what’s the use when it can be detected in your urine sample. Detection of niacin will mean that you want to conceal some important facts and this will lead to disqualification.

Best of luck with your urinalysis test: You can beat the urinalysis test!

Beat the weed test

Weed is a flowering plant and is used for medicinal purposes and in the extraction of oil. But it is mostly famous as a drug which is consumed by people. Smoking is one of the ways of weed consumption. It is the most common form of consumption as it is easily available. Most of the teenagers are affected through this addiction. Weed has a unique quality of holding psychoactive effects, it helps in releasing stress. Urine drug test for weed is done in order to know whether the person has consumed weed or not. It is one of the best tests for the detection of weed consumption. People consuming are worried about Urine drug test for weed as it can give positive results.

Urine drug test for weed can be detected for as long as 30 days from the day of intake. Depending on the intake amount, a single dose of weed can be detected for 1 to 6 days while daily users might give a positive result to the Urine drug test for weed for 7 to 30 days. Tetrahydrocannabinol is quickly absorbed by inhalation and gets completely metabolized. Tetrahydrocannabinol remains in the urine sample at a detectable concentration for several days after the weed is consumed.

There are various methods through which Urine drug test for weed can provide false results. The general strategy for passing the urine test is to increase the fluid content and release of urine frequently, this helps in diluting the concentration of THC in the urine. Urination can be increased by the use of diurectics. It is easily available medicine in the market. It is used by most of people to flush the THC contents out of the body. Zinc sulfate is used for masking the urine sample. Zinc helps in masking by attaching the drug molecules and screening them to feces from the urine. Zinc sulfate should be consumed with loads of fluid hours before the test is conducted. Many detoxification kits are available in the market which detoxifies the body and helps in flushing out the contents of drug. Detoxification kits includes many vitamins, minerals, and herbal cleansers that produce successful results i.e. it results in failure of Urine drug test for weed. Herbal components help the body in flushing metabolites (THC) from the urine without drinking large amount of water. Dietary fiber as well as herbs absorb marijuana metabolites and eliminate it from the body. Marijuana metabolites (THC) are usually stored in fat cells which are burned by the use of glycerol and carbohydrates. B-group vitamins color urine bright yellow so that it doesn’t look like water. Detoxification helps to the large extent for the failure of Urine drug test for weed.

One of the more efficient methods of beating the Urine drug test for weed is by the means of products available in the market for this specific purpose.

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