How can kids be prevented from drug abuse

Abusing alcohol and illicit drugs is becoming a trend among the youngsters today. A pivotal role has to be played by parents so that they can save their children from disaster and death. It is of extreme importance for parents to become more vigilant in regard to any indicators in their children as well as in monitoring their activities. It is in a blink of an eye that drug abuse can take total control over the life of a child and the only way to prevent this is by making an effort on how to talk to their children. One must remember that abusing drugs is not an over-night decision but there are many things that leads up to it and that is what parents have to be careful about.

Things to do as a parent

The most important thing to do is to ensure that your child knows that they can discuss their problems with you. Many times children are concerned or upset about something but are not able to share it with their parents for fear of getting into trouble or of being misunderstood. Sometimes parents can try and handle this problem by giving an assurance to their children of being there for them and understanding them but this does not work always. The best way is to ensure your child feels comfortable in sharing their concerns or anything else going on in their life by proving that they can tell you anything and everything. This means that even if they confess a fault, instead of judging show them that you are happy that they have the courage to confess and leave it there. Such a gesture can be very encouraging to children and ensure them that they can openly communicate with their parents.
Another way which is beneficial in helping keeping children off alcohol and drugs is by knowing their friends circle and the family of their friends. Children do desire the company of their friends who end up being the most influential people in their life. You as a parent must know their friends, talk to them and their parents and allow them to come over to your house so that you can keep a watch on their activities. If you are able to trust the friends of your child you will have a better idea of their social life. Most children that begin to abuse alcohol and drugs start with their friends as an experiment.

Warning signs of drug abuse in your child

A child who is consuming alcohol and drugs is actually ingesting poison and there is bound to be a change in their behavior and body because of it. Losing weight is one such warning sign along with irritable and fluctuating moods. There will be a change in their academic performance and often they will be on a mood of quarreling with you. Lying and avoiding your company is another warning sign and if you have a gut feeling that your child is doing drugs, the best way of being sure is by administering a drug test at home.


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